Adam Quang is an award-winning artist that has created pieces based on his humanity for clients, including international luxury brands. His works have been shown at Southbank in London UK, and across the United States, Canada and Europe.

Current work:

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What happened when the world of superficial and spiritual collied? It created one spunky guy named Adam Quang, who made some interesting art that touches our senses of touch, sight, and plays with our mind by it image and metaphotictries. His #1000Kindness installation art has visited 15 locations and 12 different cities across North America and Europe and seem by 7 million plus people.


Moving along in and out of the fashion journey, Adam is the winner of Excellence Young Quebec Designers and  Bal Des Fleurs awards. Named by one of the top fashion trade magazines – ‘STYLE’ – as “one of the notable labels to watch”. He had worked in the world of fashion in every considerable way. Working as a labourer on manufacturing floors to having his own clothing label which was showcased at Montreal and Toronto Fashion Week, and was one of the top 10 chosen Canadian designers to showcase his collections at the SENATE GALA in the Parliament Buildings, Capital Hill of Canada.


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As an artist with multi-modal art practices and theoretical contextualization, Adam says “we have the power to paint our own world” and Adam Quang can paint some interesting things, not just for the eyes but he will also challenge the viewer’s mind and their spirit. “The most complex things are often the simplest, the most simple things in life are full of textual and complexity: our everyday life. Lose your naiveté, but don’t lose your innocence. It is what makes the colour of the word brighter and warmer. A scent of new and adventure for life more texture and endless possibility”

Adam has been a meditation practitioner for over 35 years. Adam’s the star in tai chi. yoga and meditation dvds and videos, and author of Secret Journal Of A Yogi: Chair Yoga. He is a host of Happiness Conversation where he turns the art of spirituality body mind and spirit into a balanced way of life, the happiness adventure. He is also the founder of the World Karma Project, an initiative to make you and the people around you awesome.


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