crane art-instalation by Adam Quang 2#1000Kindness by Adam Quang
Installation art project sending out a ripple effect of kindness into the world.

London UK . NYC . Beverly Hills . Boston . Cambridge . Vermont . Palo Alto . Emeryville . Toronto . Montreal . Calgary . Ottawa . Brossard


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⬇️ 4:30min Radio interview in London UK by Lisa Bent

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#1000Kindness a project that intersection reality, collect and reassemble our kind and compassion as a collective into a repertoire while touched the back to basic in all of us, our “humanity.”

Adam Quang 1000Kindness IMG_6372#1000Kindness can be a frozen isolation, or a moving constructed experiences with our popular culture. Its can provoke and skewed perspectives of willing participant, and reveal one’s relationship to reality or transformed in numerous ways, opening up the viewers mind to new possibilities. “What can I do / give” Instead of “What in it for me / what I get”

1000 Kindness installation art: a project use social medias to impact the world
• Southbank Centre, Royal Festival Hall centerpiece for the “Festival of Love” opening weekend in London Uk. The largest arts centre in Europe, 8 million people are expected to attend (Jun.28 to Aug.31 2014.)
– 2013 1000 Kindness art installation: Partnership with EQ3 Furniture stores and Marimekko stores.
• 1000 cranes installation at Marimekko flagship stores on 5th Ave NYC and Beverly Hills.
• 108 cranes installation in 13 different cities across Canada, the USA and England (London, NYC, Beverly Hills, Boston, Cambridge, Vermont, Palo Alto, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Brossard and Emeryville.)

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1000Kindness Pledge

2014-05-18 18.22.37-1#1000Kindness installation art social experiment invited people to create and  write an act of kindness on a crane, record their pledge of kindness on video, then go out and perform this act within the next 48 hours. Creating kindness ripple effect, making a better world in the space in which we are living.

More #1000kindness videos, click here…

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Brighten someone's day. #1000ActsOfKindness @WorldKarmaProj #nyc #newyork #instagood #art #dogood #happiness #kindness #colorful #picoftheday

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Committed to doing a random act of kindness in the next 48 hours. #1000ActsOfKindness #papercranes

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