Artist Statement: Adam Quang

What happens when the worlds of superficial and spiritual collide… it creates one spunky guy by the name of Adam Quang. Adams works explore human nature and plausibility in contemporary society, that stroke the senses of touch, sight and the heart. Hinges on duality of his life spent in Asia and North America, in a Mass market vs Mass marketing, Adam’s art stir our imagination through images and metaphoric, foreshadows and hidden meanings within. Provoking action from the viewer and inviting them to be part of the evolving art.

As an interdisciplinary artist, his work ranges across media, from painting, drawing that evolve onto clothing design, where he use clothes as a canvas for his art in a 2001 collection tilted “Woman: Emotion in Evolution“

The works exploring the vulnerability of inner personal emotion, and the sophisticated urbanite must become. The clothes were painted in layers to represent the liquidity of emotions where it always move and interchange from inner to outer layer and vice versa. It was showcased as part of Montreal fashion week and SENATE GALA on our capital hill in the Parliament building, and wining award as Excellence Young Quebec Designers.

Observations in reason years from living in the urban jungle, Adam’s notice that’s, we are more connected via social media and Internet now than ever before but we have lost our human connection to each other and are farther emotionally apart. People are more cynical, loosing trust in our social fabric and Politian (senate and Rob forth scandal 2013). The concept of compassion and social grace is not in most of our thinking. A culture of selfishness where acceptant of “Selfies” photo have become a relevance to referenced.

As an artist with multi-modal art practices and theoretical contextualization, he wants to design and motivate people to ask questions in a new and positive way. Creating cultural work that builds community by links art and life together in performance and visual art.

#1000ActsofKindness a project that intersection reality, collect and reassemble our kind and compassion as a collective into a repertoire while touched the back to basic in all of us, our “humanity.”

#1000ActsofKindness can be a frozen isolation, or a moving constructed experiences with our popular culture. Its can provoke and skewed perspectives of willing participant, and reveal one’s relationship to reality or transformed in numerous ways, opening up the viewers mind to new possibilities. “What can I do / give” Instead of “What in it for me / what I get”

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