#1000Kindness installation art, a social experiment invited people to create and  write an act of kindness on a crane, record their pledge of kindness on video, then go out and perform this act within the next 48 hours. Creating kindness ripple effect, making a better world in the space in which we are living.

“Kindness makes us happier on a biochemical level, elevated levels of dopamine a natural high in the brain” 5 Beneficial Side Effects of Kindness

 “If you make someone laugh you give them a little vacation.” Winston Churchill

 “Helping other increased self-esteem and happiness” Scientific proof for karma / York University


Make a stranger smile today, buy lunch for your family, give your sister the best birthday ever!

Be Kind to your elder neighbour

Kindness Ideal: Tell some they are beautiful, Keep smiling and make the world a better place.

Give Hugs, water someone else plants, compliment 5 strangers, make someone feel very special

Talk to stranger make new friends, smile with love.

Buy food for a homeless person

Praise someone for no reason, let someone know that they’re “loved” and help other.

Pay for some desert at a restaurant

Help someone you don’t know

Include people who feel isolated, make someone else happy everyday, put someone else need 1st before your, buy someone breakfast tomorrow.

Create a love experience for your family.  Help clean / decorate a friend home, give a stranger 15min of your time.

Compliment and smile at strangers.

Help someone find a new job, hugs as many people as you can today, fold an origami and help change the world.

Acknowledge someone else kindness is a form of kindness and humility